Stone Countertop Installation and Labor [Estimate the Price]

Stone countertops have become popular among homeowners due to their durability and aesthetic appeal. However, estimating the installation price and labor is essential before installing stone countertops. In this blog, we will discuss how to calculate the cost of stone countertop installation and labor.

  • Measure the Countertop
  • Select the Stone
  • Estimate the Cost of Stone
  • Consider the Extra Charges
    • Edge Finish
    • Sink Cutout
    • Backsplash
    • Template and Installation
  • Calculate the Total Cost
  • Consider Labor Costs
  • Get Multiple Quotes

Measure the Countertop

The first step in estimating the price of stone countertop installation is to measure the countertop area. Measure the length and width of the countertop and multiply these values to get the total square footage.

Select the Stone

The cost of stone countertops varies depending on the type of stone selected. There are different types of stone, such as granite, marble, and quartz, and each type has another price point. Choose the type of stone that fits your budget and preferences.

Estimate the Cost of Stone Countertop

Once you have selected the type of stone, you can estimate the cost per square foot. Stone countertops range from $50 to $200 per square foot, depending on the type of stone selected.

Consider the Extra Charges

Extra charges may apply when installing stone countertops. Some of these charges include

Various Stone Countertop Edge Finishes

The edge finish refers to the edge profile applied to the countertop. There are different types of edge finishes, such as bullnose, beveled, or ogee, and each type has a different price point.

Sink Cutout

You will need a sink cutout in the stone to install an under-mount sink. This process will add an extra charge to the installation.


If you want a backsplash along with the countertop, this will add an extra charge to the installation.

Stone Countertop Template and Installation

Template and installation fees are for the installer and may vary depending on the countertop size and the installation’s complexity.

Calculate the Total Cost for Your Stone Countertop

To calculate the total cost of the stone countertop installation, add up the stone per square foot cost, the extra charges for edge finish, sink cutout, backsplash, template, and installation.

Consider Labor Costs

The labor cost for stone countertop installation can vary depending on the location, the installer’s experience, and the installation’s complexity. Typically, labor costs range from $30 to $100 per hour.

Get Multiple Quotes

To ensure a fair price for the installation and labor of stone countertops, we recommend getting multiple quotes from different installers, which can help you compare prices and select the best option for your budget.

Estimating the stone countertop installation and labor price can help you plan your budget and avoid surprises. Understanding the extra charges that apply and getting multiple quotes can also help you make informed decisions when selecting the type of stone and the features of the countertop. By following these steps, you can estimate the price of your stone countertop installation and ensure a successful installation. You can call (425) 624 4242 for Free in-home consultation with one of our experts and get more information about your project.

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